What is The News Spy?

Bitcoin, the first digital currency, has been on a roll, leading to many investors becoming first-time millionaires in 2017. Since that time, trading cryptocurrencies has been taken seriously. Numerous investors even made it a full-time job.

To make money trading digital assets, investors should have technical and analytical skills. However, there are only a few investors who have them. Moreover, it takes time to see the practical details that are important for successful trading. This is the reason why The News Spy has become an indispensable trading assistant.
Many reviews determine that The News Spy is a real bot, which numerous investors also find. Our test has the same result. We tested the functionality of the The News Spy trading bot and analysed its capabilities.


What is The News Spy?

The result is The News Spy, an automatic and free cryptocurrency trading software. It can be used by beginners and professionals alike. It even helps professional traders to maximise their profits. To do this, the trader is linked to an exchange and then specific market indicators are used to determine a particular cryptocurrency.
On the website, the software is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. This means that if the price changes at 14:00:00, the bot will show it at 13:59:59.

Features & Functionality

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Who is behind The News Spy?

It is not possible to determine who developed The News Spy. However, this has absolutely no influence on the functions of the software. This uses advanced algorithms so as to place automatic trades on behalf of the investor The brokers associated with the platform are highly reputable and regulated and offer professional help and also advice.

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Opinions about The News Spy

Never in my life would I have thought that one day I could make so much money. I have been working in an office for 20 years. I have made more money trading cryptos in the last two years than I have in the last two decades of working in an office. Retiring, I was not in a position to do so, but was forced to do so. Thanks to The News Spy, I don’t have to worry about a financial anymore. Now I can devote myself to the things I love and like.

Advantages and disadvantages

Free of charge: The News Spy does not charge any transaction fees or commissions.
Reputable: The software has been awarded by numerous investors and is considered one of the best cryptocurrency trading bots the market has at the moment.
Even without experience: The bot is based on sophisticated algorithms and executes positive trades on behalf of the investor.
Demo account: With the free demo account, newcomers can first familiarise themselves with the software. In this way, various settings can be tried out in order to finally decide on one. However, real money should only be invested once a certain level of professionalism has been reached.

Limitation of the broker: Investors cannot select a specific broker, the bot does this automatically. All brokers are regulated and reputable.


Our test has shown that The News Spy is a thoroughly reputable software for cryptocurrency trading and is among the best.
It is safe to assume that cryptocurrency trading is becoming more and more challenging as the market is also becoming more volatile. Beginners make the right decision when they opt for the The News Spy trading bot.
The minimum deposit of 250 euros should be paid in first to get started trading. However, it should also be remembered that every investment can be a risk. Therefore, investors should invest smaller amounts first, especially if they are new.
Anyone who has now decided to start trading with cryptos should log in via a browser. However, a mobile app can also be downloaded.

How does The News Spy compare to other bots?

The functions that the The News Spy software shows result in a unique offering. Thus, the software stands much better than other competitors.
Therefore, The News Spy can be recommended without hesitation.